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Should I Get A Guinea Pig Or A Rabbit?

Both are great options for adults and children alike, but ultimately it depends on visual preference and a few key differences in diet and lifespan. Guinea pigs and rabbits need about the same space requirements, but rabbits tend to live longer than guinea pigs, averaging between eight to twelve years, whilst guinea pigs can expect about five to eight. Although guinea pigs are great companions it’s a little more difficult to provide them with the right diet, as they can’t manufacture their own vitamin C like rabbits can. That being said, guinea pigs are extremely gentle creatures who make very affectionate pets.

cute baby guinea pigs
Guinea pigs are very gentle animals

If you’re buying another small animal to keep your current pet company, you’ll need to get one of the same species. Although your other species may be friendly towards your new guinea pig, guinea pigs are herd animals, and no other critter, even another small furry animal, can satisfy that herd instinct the way another guinea pig can.

Rabbits can be incredibly lovely and docile creatures, but if you have guinea pigs then it’s important to bear in mind that any rabbits you own should be kept separately. Not only do they have different nutritional requirements, but rabbits are quite a lot stronger than guinea pigs and even a rabbit with the friendliest of intentions can seriously injure a guinea pig. A kick from your rabbit’s powerful back legs during play could cause serious damage, so if you’re thinking about buying a rabbit to keep your guinea pig company, or a guinea pig to keep your rabbit company, you’ll need an animal of the same species instead.

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