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Can I Get Another Guinea Pig If I Already Have One?

Please do! If you have one guinea pig on its own then it will be very unhappy, even if you handle it every day. Guinea pigs are herd animals, and need a companion of the same species to talk to. It may be a bit hard at first to introduce the guinea pigs to one another and to wait for them to become friends, but your pets will thank you in the long run. For tips and advice on how to introduce guinea pigs to one another, then check out the Making Introductions section of our guide.

Guinea pigs on log toy
Guinea pigs need one another for company

If you already have more than one guinea pig, then adding another to your herd may seem a little tricky, especially if yours already get on very well. But don't despair! There are many methods of introducing new guinea pigs that you can try, which many owners have had a lot of success with in the past. You can find several methods in our Making Introductions pages.

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Hailee, 23 February 2023

I have a six year old male guinea pig whose brother just recently passed away. I am wondering if I should get him another companion for my remaining Guinea pig and if so, should it be another male or a spayed female? I heard from someone that bonding two males after one of the males had a past companion that passed away could lead to fighting with the new guinea pig could lead to fighting but I am not sure it that’s true.

Marcia, 18 April 2022

I sadly lost my oldest guinea pig and i let my yonger guinea pig say his goodbyes and give him a hug so he knows the other one wont be around and he seems to be eating and running around and he seems fine but i want to know how long i should wait until i get him a new companion because I already find it weird not having the two of them and i dont know weather he thinks that to and he wants a new friend or not can someone please let me know what i should do and weather i should get him a new friend

Dorian, 23 June 2021

So my other Guinea pig died and I don’t know if I should give my other guinea pig Away

Lucy, 25 April 2020

I got 2 female guinea pigs a few months ago I was thinking about getting another I want to get a male but I don’t want to traumatize my two females what should I do ?

Debbie, 13 April 2020

I sadly lost one of my guinea pigs on Saturday, my other one is eating but not drinking as her water bottle is still full. I have now also put a small bowl of water in the cage to encourage her to drink. She has been enjoying cucumber which is water based. How long shall I wait before intervening