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Alanna, 24 March 2021

I have a man female body they are about 1 to 2 or 1 1/2. I have a nesting box they’re calcium blocks and water to multiple food purchases and to swings. It’s a very large cage well not too large but large enough. I have a nesting box in there because I’m trying to breed them. When the mail goes to mount the female she would bite him and his foot he always put it on her shoulders so I was wondering why won’t she let him mount?

Cheyenne, 19 March 2021

birds are 50% dog and 50% two yr old human . most tricks and training can be used for either. in your case redirect your birds attention by spraying him with water which will give him a bath and he will focus on pruning. if he raises his wing he is saying get under here too.

Sakif, 23 March 2020

I am first time breeding my budgies.Everything was going well my female budgie laid 5 to 6 eggs. The male was feeding the female well .After 15 days the male is starting to fight with female pickling all her feathers even fighting in the nest box I have never seen male fighting with female during breeding After that I have put a partition in the same cage. After 2 hours I removed the partition again the male started to fight with female Then I have to put the partition again Will the female alone will feed for herself and hatch the eggs Waiting for expert advice

Nishigandha, 5 March 2020

I had new 4 budgies and from last 3 days I was out in some unwanted emergency I couldn’t change their food and water today when I came back home I saw 1 female budgie is fully injured on her right leg looks like almost eaten by some other budgie and I can see my old male buggies mouth quit covered with blood. Now I don’t know what to do nearest avian doctors are available after 1 hour till the time what should I do???? Please help

Cynthia, 19 January 2020

I bought 2 buggies almost a year ago. I was hoping to get a pair but I purchased them very young from Petco. The mail (I think because he is trying to mount the other bird. But the other bird won't have it.) The area above their beaks have not changed at all. What is going on?

Waqar, 15 November 2019

i had a budgies pair female of this pair has died and i brought a new female for male but now male did not showing any aggression what i do now guide me please.

Bella, 1 November 2019

My male budgie is full grown and has now become very violent towards me and my family. Biting hard, divebombing us, screaming loudly If anyone comes near him. What can I do to calm him down..

Vernon, 25 September 2019

My bird is bleeding from the foot from fighting

Teresa, 27 August 2019

I've male for a while had him finger trained and he never showed signs of aggression. Decided to add a female to our family and immediately my male started biting us. At first I thought it was just a little jealousy but today I noticed some dried blood on my females tail feathers should I sepertate them? Their cage is designed for 2 birds I make sure they have toys but not over crowded and my male is still biting.

Cheri, 23 August 2019

Occasionally, in the wee hours of the morning, my female and male parakeets will begin to fly around the cage, squeaking and banging into the sides. I keep them covered at night. Is this normal? I try to calm them, by talking to them. But they usually stop on their own after a couple of minutes.

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