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Jomana, 15 November 2020

love what you said :)

Gary, 4 May 2020

Looking at getting a budgie as a family pet

Perplexity, 14 March 2020

So uh,, this is my first time breeding budgies and if you're asking, yes ive got everything prepared. My only concern is if my male and female budgies are getting along, usually i see them squabblong or figgting whatever and other times i see them feedong eachother food and occasionally trying to mate (i say this because im not intirely sure that my male budgie knows how to 'mate' he just kinda taps her on the back). Anyway my hen has just layed two eggs at the moment, and is keeping them incubated, the only problem is that she wont let my male budgie get anywhere near the nesting box; which im assumping shes just overprotective, also im worried if she'll starve lookong after the eggs if she's not going to be able to eat at the same time. Um, is there anything i can do as such, because im just leaving them be right now.

Irene, 9 March 2020

I was at my son home in Monticello ny there are no vets for birds I took my budgie to a dr that I thought knew bird business . He told me the bird had stresss that night parakeet had loose blood stools no feathers under his wings. The bird was getting weaker and no where to go emergency the next day bird died. It hurt so bad how can a vet who did nothing to help my baby. I have no use for this dr. there is no other place to go. I would never move up there unless I meet a bird vet dr..I live IN Brooklyn NY and have a vet for birds. But this was emergency. what was wrong I don't know he use to go above our fam lamp while his brother stay on the blades I put some cream under his wings I thought is was raw. His brother is so lonely now I rescue this bird that died he flew out of someone window . What floor did he fly out of I don't know HIs wings were cut. NOw he is dead. I only had him 3 yrs. Now I looking to adopt another parakeet for his brother who is older than he was.

Eleanor, 25 February 2020

I have had my Budgie for 2 1/2 months. He will eat Millet from my fingers but is still very wary, I have hoped to be able to let him out of the cage but would he go back in if not finger trained.

Barbara, 12 January 2020

I have just had a budgie 5 days ago, I bought the complete set up wth cage and stand and it included a chain of 5 coloured rings with a bell on the end. Today for first time he’s shown interest in it and actually got through one of the rings, is this safe. He’s gone from being a quiet placid bird to suddenly have a mad half hour fluttering about his cage I don’t want him to harm himself.

Louisa, 9 November 2019

Hello, I got 4 Budgies today. I have one, and it was really active on the car and kept flapping about and (guessing) trying to escape, and he has been on the bottom of the cage fumbling about ever since. Now it’s just lying on the bottom, and a few minutes later it was just sitting there. I don’t know what is up with my budgie, but I hope any of you could help. Could just be nothing, maybe he’s just tired. Then again, he could be hurt.

Tracy, 30 September 2019

I took my budgie into vet last week because she had big droppings and they were sticking to her vent. They cleaned her, checked her for bacteria infection (which she had last month) and she has no infection anymore. We are giving her a 2nd round of antibiotics and probiotics just in case. They also suggested I give her this dietary supplement called Standard Process to mix in her food. It’s a very small amount to mix in but I just want to make sure this is ok. It has natural ingredients but I havent’ seen any suggestions on giving it to birds. It says canine and cat and pets but I don’t see birds listed. Thank you.

Addison, 20 July 2019

Hello i got 2 Budgies from Pet Smart today how can you tell if they are Sleeping i need help to earn there Trust. Please help me so i can be a Better Trainer fro my Budgies.

Katie, 14 July 2019

hi i'm katie we have 2 budgerigars their names are lime and snowcone. and i have a question if there are purple dots on the cere of a budgie/parakeet what does it signify or what does it mean?

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