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How Often Should I Clean A Rabbit Litter Box?

Your rabbits’ litter box should be cleaned every day. As rabbits are quite clean, they will do the vast majority of their business in their litter box, leaving the rest of their home relatively tidy. Whilst this creates a nicer environment, the litter box can get pretty messy pretty quickly, so will need to be cleaned each day. Lots of owners find that a good time to do this is just before they feed their pets in the morning.

Some rabbits can be trained to use a litter box

The litter box will attract all sort of unwanted visitors, some of whom can cause quite nasty diseases for your pets. For example, it can attract flies that are capable of causing the condition flystrike, a very dangerous affliction that is not only very uncomfortable for your pets, but is one that can prove fatal. Cleaning the litter box (and any other faeces that you can see) will help protect your pets against such problems.

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