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Rabbit Run Extensions

If you have a good-sized garden, then you may want to be able to offer your pets a larger part of it than your hutch and run currently allows. If you have the room for it, your pets will thank you! They’ll love having a new area to explore, and a little more space to run around in. Depending on what hutch and run you currently own, you may be able to purchase an extension – this is certainly the case for our Eglu hutches, both the Eglu Classic and the Eglu Go.

You can extend your rabbit Eglu units, no matter which you own

Here at Omlet, our designers have created Eglu extensions: units that fit onto your existing Eglu run in order to offer your rabbits even more space. Simply order the units from our website, we will deliver them to you, and then you can fit the extension to your existing unit.

If you own an Eglu, you will need to purchase run extension A first – this will add a metre onto your existing run, giving your pets a good three metres to run around in. Once you have run extension A, you can add as many run extension Bs as you desire. Each extension B that you add will give your pets another metre to frolic in.

If you own an Eglu Go, then there is just one extension needed to extend your hutch. This comes in the form of panels, which you fix to your existing run before reattaching the original end panel. Like the extensions for the Eglu Classic, each will give your pets another metre of space.

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