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Rabbit Run

It is absolutely necessary for rabbits to have a run – they are very mobile animals who need to be able to hop around in order to get enough exercise. A hutch on its own simply does not give these animals enough space – they need a much bigger area known as a run. A run is essentially a hardy cage that sits on the ground and allows your rabbits to safely roam around inside it. Many hutch units come with a run attached. This is a good idea for both rabbits and their owners alike, as it stops you from having to move your rabbits in and out of the run frequently, and it allows rabbits a little more freedom about where they choose to go.

Rabbits love being able to run around, stretch their legs, and enjoy the outdoors

Some runs come with metal on the floor - if this is the case, the metal must touch the floor, or the rabbits will be standing just on metal poles or wire rather than on grass. This situation should be avoided, as it is painful for them and it can cause foot problems such as cuts, sores and infections.

Eglu units all come with a run attached, whether you choose the Eglu Classic or the new Eglu Go. Not only does it come with a fox-resistant skirting, but it has a strong, steel weld mesh to help keep your pets safe.

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