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Rabbit Bedding Material

There are three core components of rabbit bedding material: the lining, the base, and the hay.

The lining, usually newspaper, covers the floor of the hutch, including areas that aren’t the sleeping compartment. This layer provides insulation, as well as making the clean-up far easier. Instead of having to sweep up every shaft of straw and hay, you will be able to simply roll the newspaper up and dispose of it all at once.

There are three key types of bedding material that you will need

The next requirement is some wood chippings, animal bedding, or a thin layer of straw. As with newspaper, this needs to be spread all over the hutch. If you opt for wood shavings, it’s best to make sure that the pieces are quite soft - your local pet shop is likely to store rabbit-friendly options. This layer helps absorb your rabbits’ urine so they’re not constantly getting wet.

The final layer, and one that is only required in the sleeping compartment, is hay. This needs to form a very deep layer, especially in winter. It’ll help your pets keep nice and warm - however, as always, if you think it’s too cold outside then it’s best to bring them indoors.

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