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Tanisha, 2 April 2020

Okay,hey your instructions really helped but I have a problem I am from India and over here this breed is not appreciated in the sense over here we don't get enough resources of toys and etc I have 4 birds and the problem is I trained them wrongly at first and messed and I want to change their opponions about me so plz plz plz and a very long request answer Me.

Lisa, 9 March 2020

I have an old budgie who is losing feathers from chest and head . It was first head . I feel as though she mite be getting attacked by my other budgies as she's an easy target. I'm going to separate her worm her and use mite spray. She's active still but I'm wanting your opinion please .

, 7 January 2020

I have 4 Budgies, 2 male and 2 female. My oldest bird (1yo) She has been clinging on to the side of the cage with her beak and feet. I don't know why she dose that. She also won't eat her fruits and veggies, i am worried that she is not getting the stuff she needs. She has been more puffed up than usual today.

Grace, 4 January 2020

My Chirpy is constantly in the floor corner of the cage pulling at the side of cage. He does go up and down the side doing the same thing. We have had him a week and a half. Don’t now if he is trying to get out, bored or stressed.

Antonia, 26 December 2019

Hi..I have a group of 4 Budgie..one of my female Budgie has this thing where she gets hold of a tail or wing of one of the male Budgies with her beak and i have to step in for her to let go. I have 2 Males and 2 Females..she is scared of the other Female she wont go near her..so she only does this to the males..what can i do or what is wrong that i need to change. Thank you

Ella, 26 November 2019

My new bird will only eat from my hand, and he won’t even eat more than a bite of fruit and veggies, my female will sometimes eat from my hand, and they will both eat millet on their own and from my hand.

Karen, 12 October 2019

My budgie sits with one leg on perch, the other leg on cage and the top of her head on the perch, as if she is looking through her legs at nothing in particular, why is this?

Lauren, 1 October 2019

I Got My Parakeet (Female ) December 24 2018 She is 10 weeks now and my male is six weeks, He likes to nibble my Finger, I Got Him May Of 2019. They Do Get Along With Each Other. She Wont Go In Her Nest Box ! They Are In The Same Cage. They Also Hate Me Trying To Get Them Out Of There Cage.

Patricia, 27 September 2019

I’ve had my budgie for about a month. He seems quite adjusted to his environment. He will eat out of my hand but will not perch on my finger. Also he bites. I’ve tried “no” and sometimes hell back off, but not always. Aliso, I’ve tried walking away and covering his cage. I’m getting discouraged and fell I have a bird that will never stop biting. He doesn’t attack me when I put my hand in his cage. Doesn’t even back away. It’s just when I try to get him to perch on my finger he bites.

Sandy, 20 September 2019

I have a female budgie. She follows me from one side of her cage to the other side as I walk in front of it. I give her attention everyday and talk to her. I also give her all of her treats. She will land on my shoulder, my hair above my ear and she is constantly constantly landing on my glasses. She will nibble at first then she will bite hard. I’m just wondering if she likes me or if she wants me to stay away. She will especially land on my glasses every few minutes I’m trying to watch tv on the sofa a few feet from her cage. She lets me handle her on my glasses and move her off of my face and she will sit and sit as I move my glasses in front of me. She won’t bite at my fingers when I’m holding my glasses in front of my face where she can see me but when I move my hand with her on my glasses completely to my side where she can’t see me good then she will fly off and back to her cage until I sit back down and it all repeats again. Just want her happy. What advice can you give me because we’ve had her for years and this is out of the ordinary compared to how she has been.

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