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Long-haired dog breeds

With their beautiful locks, long-haired dog breeds stand out amongst any crowd. But such majestic looks can come at a cost.. See if a long-haired dog breed is right for you and your family and how you can maintain their coats.

Popular long-haired dog breeds

There are a number of dog breeds with long hair. Some of the most popular include the Afghan hound, Lhasa apso, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire terrier, chow chow, Havanese and Irish setter to name a few. For an extensive list of breeds, visit the Omlet dog breed directory.

Grooming your long-haired dog breed

Each dog has their own individual grooming requirements, but owners of long-haired breeds should pay particular attention to this side of pet parenthood. This is especially true for those who enjoy roaming free on long, muddy dog walks!

You can stay on top of coat management and avoid knots and tangles with regular brushing, but for a more detailed guide on which brush to choose and how to brush your dog, take a look at our How to groom your dog's coat page.

Long-haired dog breeds: what to consider

Other than grooming, there are a few more things to consider before deciding whether a long-haired dog breed is for you.

Contrary to popular opinion, long-haired dogs do not necessarily shed more than their shorter-haired counterparts. If shedding comes into your decision when choosing a dog, then you should look into individual breeds, since even those with shorter coats, such as the Jack Rusell terrier, can be prolific shedders.

One factor to consider before welcoming a long-haired dog breed into your life is your location. These dogs are prone to overheating, so might not be the best option if you live in a warmer climate. If you do, it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

A well-groomed coat will help to regulate their temperature. Keeping cool is largely about good air circulation on the skin and trimming your dog will help as well. Never shave your dog down to the hide, though, as this can cause problems such as dog sunburn and itchiness. When the weather turns really hot, it’s best to keep long-haired breeds inside with their dog water bowl continuously topped up, and provide them with a dog cooling mat.

Omlet and your long-haired dog breed

Whichever hair type your dog has, Omlet has the products to help you care for them. From our range of easy-to-clean dog beds to dog cooling mats and dog crates, our ingenious products have been designed to help you support the wondrous connection between you and your pet.

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