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Small Dog Breeds

Let's face it, small dogs are really cute and can make great cuddle partners. Give them an exciting adventure and you will always be rewarded with a loving heart. Many of them love burrowing into small holes, and others simply love tearing around the house with their favourite toy hanging out the side of their mouth.

A West Highland Terrier with a beautiful white coat
A West Highland Terrier with a beautiful white coat

The most popular small dog breeds are Terriers. They can be lovely family pets when trained correctly. Terriers are generally excitable dogs with mischievous temperaments. The most popular small dog breeds include the Jack Russell Terrier, the Scottish Terrier, the Patterdale Terrier, the Cairn Terrier, the Border Terrier, and the West Highland Terrier.

Are Small Dogs Good With Children?

Small dogs can be great with children, but most small dogs were originally developed for pest control and can sometimes be a bit too playful with their mouths. Always supervise your children when they are with a small dog, even if you have all the trust in the world in your dog. If you teach your little ones how to behave around your dog there is less chance that anything will go wrong. Teach small dogs not to bite as soon as you bring him home for the first time. You can use our section on how to stop your dog from play biting to help you eliminate any dangers in the house.

A wonderful little Chihuahua with great big ears
A wonderful little Chihuahua with great big ears

The best small dog breeds to have around children include the Beagle, the Boston Terrier, the Cavalier King Charles, the Havanese, the Miniature Poodle, the Miniature Schnauzer, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Pug, the Shetland Sheepdog and the Yorkshire Terrier.

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