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Should I get a puppy?

It’s undeniable that puppies are irresistibly adorable and unbelievably fun. But, with all that cuteness, comes a cost. Whilst puppies are much more adaptable and easier to train than an older rescue, looking after a puppy requires plenty of time and patience. And you’re now probably asking yourself, “Should I get a puppy?”...

Should I get a puppy if I have children?

A commonly asked question is whether puppies and children can work together. It’s an ideal match in many ways, with your dog and children having the opportunity to grow up together as friends. Some dog breeds are better suited to a home with children than others but regardless, children must be taught how to behave with the puppy appropriately, so that neither become overwhelmed.

Should I get a puppy if I work all day?

Puppies require a lot of attention, so if you work all day and you live alone, a puppy won’t be suitable. Additionally, you’ll need to be at home to help your puppy with potty training, especially for the first few weeks that they’re at home as they’re unable to hold their bladders for long periods.

Should I get a puppy when I already have an older dog?

In general, getting a puppy when you have an older dog can work. Many dogs love the company of a friend, should the match be appropriate. Some older dogs can become annoyed or stressed if a puppy is clambering on them, chewing their ears and tails. And whilst it’s natural for puppies to be bounding with energy, older dogs come in different shades of mood.

First, arrange for your puppy and older dog to meet on neutral territory such as on a short walk (provided your puppy is fully vaccinated). You can use a baby gate to keep them separated initially, and supervise them to monitor any behavior that may be making the other uncomfortable. Never leave your puppy and older dog unsupervised in those early weeks but once they’re both settled in each other’s company, they could have a friendship for life.

Should I get a puppy if I’m pregnant?

This is more so a question of time and commitment. Whilst you’ll have the benefit of your baby and puppy growing up together, once your new arrival is born, your time will be swallowed up, and any spare hours you have will likely be focused on them or catching up on sleep, rather than dog training or taking the puppy for a walk.

Omlet and your puppy

From our range of dog chew toys to help with puppy teething to puppy beds and dog crates, Omlet has what you need should you decide to take the leap and enter the world of puppyhood.

Puppy relaxing on their Omlet Topology Puppy Bed-id=

Puppy relaxing on their Omlet Topology Puppy Bed.

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Theresa, 28 March 2021

I am fit 72yr old. I am looking for puppy to train and as a companion. I live alone near a park and would enjoy training to my ways I've not got a lot of money and prefer mongrels. It has to be a puppy not grown dog.