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Bringing Home Your New Puppy

There is nothing more exciting than collecting a new puppy, but it can also be a challenging time for new owners!

The best time to bring a puppy home is when it is at least 7 weeks. It’s not healthy for a puppy to be separated from its mother before this time, so always be certain of its age before you bring it home with you.

A Beagle pup who can bark if not taught the quiet command
A Beagle pup - they are likely to bark a lot if not taught the quiet command

Collecting Your New Puppy

When collecting your new puppy expect to receive a few things:

  • The puppy’s dietary requirements - Expect to receive some advice from your puppy’s breeder about what, when and how often you should feed them.

  • A piece of bedding which has been with the puppy’s mother and siblings - This will provide them with a comforting smell that will help them settle into their new home.

  • A registration application - If the puppy is a pedigree dog, you will be given a registration application that has been signed by the breeder.

  • A signed receipt -As proof of your payment.

Preparing Your House In Advance

Before you bring your new puppy home,it's important to be prepared for the inevitable mishaps.To allow your puppy to settle in comfortably you will need to get a few things ready.

A young Beagle puppy playing with a ball
A young Beagle puppy playing with a ball

Choose A Name

It might sound obvious but the first thing to do when bringing a new dog home is to choose a name. Stick with this name and use it at every opportunity so that your new dog associates itself with this sound. Be sure to choose a name that you won’t feel embarrassed using in a public place.

Find A Comfortable Spot For Your Dog

The next thing to do is to choose where you are going to keep your puppy. Dogs like a warm, comfortable, calm and safe area to stay, and inside your home a dog crate offers all of these things. It can be moved around the house so that the dog is not left alone, and it can also be an effective tool for training. We offer dog crates for the home as well as more portable options, that you can use to take your friend to work with you (provided your work is dog-friendly!). Within the home, dogs will love a nice soft bed (this can fit into their crate if they prefer), and they will need constant access to a bowl of fresh, clean water.

The Fido Studio slots stylishly into your home

If you would like to find out more about crate training your new puppy or dog, follow this link.

Be Affectionate

Integrate your new dog into the whole family as much as possible, whilst allowing them time to explore their new surroundings and quietly become familiar with all the different smells of a new home. The more affection your puppy receives the quicker they will settle in, but make sure that the whole family is involved so that they don’t become attached to just one owner (Yes, that means sharing!). On your new dog’s arrival make them feel comfortable by offering them a small bowl of food and water.

Establish A Routine

Dogs are animals that find assurance in routine, so the next thing to do is to decide what time you are going to feed them each day. Once you have decided on this routine you must stick to it.

Missing Their Previous Family?

Your new dog will miss their previous family, and when left alone at night, they might get upset. It is okay to allow your puppy to sleep in your bedroom for the first few nights, but as soon as they begin to settle, encourage them to sleep alone. Reassure your dog by speaking to them softly. If you already have another dog, it is a good idea to separate them for the first few nights in case they fight whilst you are asleep. Placing a hot water bottle filled with warm water in the bed can make them more relaxed as it simulates their mother's warmth, but only fill it with warm water otherwise you could risk burning your dog.

A cute little black Labrador having a nap
A cute little black Labrador having a nap

Adopting A Dog

If you are adopting a dog from a shelter you must understand that he may have gone through a lot of stress. Being adopted by a new family or owner is a lot to handle for a dog, so try and offer a very comforting and relaxed environment. If you have children it is essential that you allow them to meet the rescue dog before you bring them home. This way you can tell if the rescue dog is child friendly. Once you arrive home with your new rescue dog, allow them to explore their new home and take them for frequent short walks outside so that they get familiar with surrounding smells. The key to settling in a rescue dog is time.

Arrange A Checkup At The Vets

Make your vet aware of the fact that you are getting a dog and arrange an appointment for a health evaluation as soon as you bring your new dog or puppy home. This trip to the vets is the perfect opportunity to get your new dog used to traveling in a car.

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