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Short and medium coats

By definition, a short dog coat means anything less than an inch. Dogs considered to have a medium coat have hair no shorter than an inch, but no more than two inches. You’ll find plenty of dogs fall into either of these categories, so let’s explore the range of short and medium-coated breeds and whether one could be best for you.

Popular short and medium-haired dog breeds

Popular dog breeds with short coats include but are not limited to the following:

Popular dog breeds with medium coats include but are not limited to the following:

Grooming your short and medium-haired dog breed

Short-haired dogs will still enjoy the occasional encounter with a dog brush – think of it as doggy massage for them. Plus, they’ll still need the occasional bath. Their hair might be short, but that doesn’t stop your dog from becoming dirty and smelly over time.

A bath once a month is usually enough for short and medium-haired dog breeds unless they’ve rolled in the dirt too enthusiastically, of course! It might be tempting to bathe your pup more frequently, especially if they’re prone to smelling but too many baths can be harmful for their skin, causing itching and flaking. A dog that suffers from allergies may also need more frequent medicated baths, as advised by your vet.

When it comes to eliminating dog odor from your home, an easy-to-clean dog bed is key. The Topology dog bed comes with a range of toppers, which can simply be zipped off and popped in the machine. Find out more cleaning tips for your home with a mucky pup in our Spring clean your cat or dog’s life

What’s that smell?

Certain shorter dog breeds such as the beagle and bloodhound, however, are more prone to smelling worse than others. For certain dogs, this can be completely unrelated to their hair type. For example, an ear infection, dental disease, anal gland issues or flatulence can be the cause of an unpleasant odor. But for breeds such as the above, this can be due to an ‘oily coat’.

Don’t attempt to combat this with more frequent bathing. This can cause your dog’s skin to dry out and instead, simply opt for a shampoo that uses baking soda, which will absorb excess oil.

Short and medium-haired dog breeds: what else to consider

Short and medium-haired dog breeds are usually pretty low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Something to be aware of though is the risk of dogs with medium dog coats overheating in the summer. This, more often than not, is a problem that long and thick-haired dogs experience, but you should still be mindful of dogs with medium coats when the temperatures start climbing.

As well as adjusting the time you head out for walks in the summertime and providing a dog cooling mat, you should also brush your pup more frequently. By doing so, you’ll also reduce shedding and make Fido feel more comfortable.

Omlet and your short or medium-haired dog breed

However long your dog’s coat is, Omlet has what you need to keep them comfortable. From easy-to-clean dog beds, to dog cooling mats, all of our remarkable dog products have been designed with passionate attention to detail. We believe that giving our dogs the care and comfort they deserve brings us closer to them than ever. This is our world of wonder.

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