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Guinea Pig Food Bowls

It’s a good idea to put your guinea pig’s food in a special bowl, rather than scattering it loose on grass or on the floor of the hutch. It may sound obvious but many a new owner has thought it a good idea to scatter dry food on the floor of the guinea pigs’ run on a regular basis. If done only occasionally, having to hunt for their food can be a great source of mental stimulation for your pets, but if done daily then it can make cleaning up a lot harder, and may attract unwanted visitors such as mice and rats.

Eglu Go Food Bowl
Guinea pigs need a special bowl to eat from

An ideal guinea pig food bowl is supplied with the Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch, but other suitable options can be purchased from your local pet shop. The best are shallow and quite weighty, and as such are very hard to tip over. Whilst your guinea pig is eating, it’s likely that they’ll put their paws right into the food bowl in order to reach their favourite tidbits, often tipping over their bowls in the process and spilling food all over their hutch. Shallow, weighty bowls help to prevent this, so it’s best to invest in one.

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