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Guinea Pig Grooming Equipment

Luckily, guinea pigs need very little equipment. If you have human nail clippers, a basin for bathing your guinea pigs, a hair dryer with a cool setting and a few fluffy towels, then all you’ll really need to purchase is guinea pig shampoo and a guinea pig brush. Some owners will suggest that you don’t even need to buy special guinea pig shampoo, and that your own will suffice. However, most people choose to purchase guinea pig shampoo to be on the safe side, as some human shampoos have quite harsh ingredients that can irritate guinea pig skin, or that can cause upset stomachs after grooming. Thankfully, since you don’t need to bathe guinea pigs more than once a month, if you do choose to purchase a small bottle of guinea pig shampoo then it will last you a good long while.

guinea pig enjoying a towel
Fluffy towels are a must

When your guinea pig has a build-up of grease on their rump, you’ll either need a little bit of mild washing up liquid or a grease dissolver fit for human skin. This will be needed to gently remove the sticky substance guinea pigs excrete in order to mark their territory.

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Lisa, 10 July 2021

my guinea pig has a lump he is not 1 years old yet I am curious on what it could be.