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Guinea Pig Temperature Ranges

Guinea pig’s body temperatures should be approximately 37.2-39.5 degrees celsius. The temperature range that guinea pigs should be kept in is about 16 - 24 degrees celsius. Anything below ten to fifteen degrees and they can get very chilled, and anything above 25 and they’re very susceptible to heat stroke. Make sure they have access to shade in the summer, and you may want to bring them into a nice calm, quiet bit of your house when it goes below about 10-15 degrees in the winter.

guinea pig enjoying the lawn
Guinea pigs love being out in the summer, when they can enjoy lush grass

If you're worried that your pets are ill, it might be a good idea to gently give them a quick health examination to see if there are any symptoms. As always, though, if you suspect your pet is unwell we strongly suggest taking them to the vet, as guinea pigs often only show symptoms when they're really unwell.

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