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How To Keep Guinea Pigs Clean and Healthy

Keeping a guinea pig clean and healthy is a relatively easy job. Asides from a warm, clean hutch and a good diet, guinea pigs will need brushing regularly, a weekly health check, occasional nail trimming, and a bath every month or two. If your guinea pigs are particularly old, have any specific health problems, or have very long hair then expect to need to invest a little more time in your guinea pigs’ wellbeing. For example, old boars often have problems going to the toilet and will need some help keeping their fur clean.

Guinea pig getting checked
Guinea pigs need to be checked regularly

Some guinea pigs with health problems will need to be bathed more regularly than once a month, like if they are suffering from lice. Some owners choose to give their pets an oral treatment to help prevent mange, which is a particularly common and painful condition for these animals. Always follow the advice of your veterinarian, and keep an eye on your pets to catch any health problems early.

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