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Overgrown Teeth

Guinea pigs have very long teeth that are needed to break up their food, which can often be very tough. The teeth grow constantly from birth to death, and with some softer diets, this constant growth can cause problems. On occasion, guinea pigs will need their teeth to be filed down so that they can eat properly once more. This doesn’t always need a big operation, but will need to be done by a vet. The major sign that your guinea pig needs its teeth filing is that it will seem interested in food and yet not eat, or have serious trouble eating, so it’s a problem that needs to be dealt with quickly.

guinea pigs teeth grow quickly
Teeth grow quite quickly, so watch out for any problems

Your guinea pig may benefit from a chew that enables them to keep their teeth at a good length. You can purchase special chews for your guinea pigs' hutch or run, which they can access whenever they want to. Be careful not to give your guinea pig wood to chew that you haven't researched, as some types of wood are harmful to guinea pigs.

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