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When To Take Your Guinea Pig To The Vet

Once you’ve had your guinea pigs for a while you’ll start to build up an idea of how much they normally eat, how much they normally weigh, and how much they move around during the day. It is this knowledge that proves invaluable when owners are assessing the health of their guinea pigs - a significant departure from their usual appearance and everyday behaviour is often a good way of telling something’s wrong. Guinea pigs are herd and prey animals, so they are very good at hiding their problems until the last minute. This is why it’s advisable to get your pet to a vet without delay.

Signs of illness
Keep a close eye on your pets' health

There are lots of things that can be wrong with your guinea pig, but there are a few major problems that mean you need to take your guinea pig to the vet immediately. Some of these include if your guinea pig:

  • Appears to be in any pain
  • Is limping or paralyzed
  • Is scratching excessively
  • Is experiencing hair loss
  • Is pregnant
  • Is bloated
  • Isn’t eating
  • Has a lump
  • Isn’t urinating or defecating
  • Is injured
  • Has swollen feet
  • Has lost a lot of weight
  • Is passing bloody urine

If you’ve not dealt with such situations before, it’s also a good idea to take your guinea pig to the vet if you notice that your pet is suffering from any parasites, or is pregnant. In such cases, your vet can offer some great help and give you demonstrations, advice and products to help your pet be comfortable, happy and healthy.

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