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How Often Should I Clean Out My Guinea Pigs' Hutch?

Whether you opt for a traditional hutch or one of our Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch then you’ll need to clean it out at least twice a week. Even when trained, guinea pigs aren’t very discriminatory when it comes to where they 'use the bathroom', and even a guinea pig that’s been trained to go in one particular area will often forget. Having a nice, clean place to live is essential for your pets’ health and happiness.

Guinea pigs love a nice, clean home

How often you should clean out your guinea pigs’ hutch depends on how many guinea pigs you have living in there. A good rule of thumb is that you should give your guinea pigs’ hutch a clean out on a twice-weekly basis. This involves taking all of their bedding out of their sleeping area, emptying and cleaning their food bowl, cleaning their feeding area, replacing all the bedding and replenishing the food. The more guinea pigs you have the more often this will need to be done, as more excretions will be produced and more mess made.

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