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How To Keep A Guinea Pig Hutch Warm In Winter

If it’s below ten degrees, then it’s a good idea to bring your guinea pigs inside. A good rule of thumb to follow is whether or not you’d be happy to be sleeping outside in such temperatures. Ultimately, where you keep your hutch is a judgement call, but bear in mind that guinea pigs don’t do well with cold, and are very susceptible to damp and draughts. If it’s below five or six degrees celsius (and especially if it’s sub-zero), then you need to bring your guinea pigs inside. However, if it’s hovering around ten then there are things you can do to provide a bit more insulation to your pets.

Extreme Temperature Blanket help insulate your pets' home

If you have an Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch, then it’s specially designed to have an air pocket incorporated into its structure, so it provides insulation in a similar manner to double glazing. You can also purchase extreme temperature jackets that wrap over the hutch and provide further protection.

If you have a traditional wooden hutch, then you can hang a roll of carpet over the hutch to keep it a bit warmer, but be sure to roll it back so your pets get a bit of sunshine through the day. You can also purchase waterproof covers for these hutches, which are much more effective than plastic sheeting at keeping out the rain. Plastic sheeting can cause condensation build-up, which means damp, wet air in your guinea pigs’ hutch which isn’t very good for their respiratory systems.

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