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Guinea Pig Hutch Accessories

Once you’ve bought a hutch, a run, a water bottle and a food bowl, (or have received all of these free with your Eglu Go you might want to think about purchasing some accessories for your pets’ new home. Toys are a great addition to any guinea pig run, and your pets will really appreciate the stimulation. Examples of toys range from simple newspaper forts all the way up to fun hay dispensers or puzzles for your pets to play with. We stock chew tubes for guinea pigs to race through, as well as wooden toys for you to hide your guinea pigs’ favourite treats in at our online toy shop.

Some really useful hutch accessories are those that keep your pets fit and healthy. Each guinea pig will munch on quite a bit of hay per day, and if you’ve bought some special enriched hay that you want kept separate from their normal bedding and fibre, then you might want to purchase a hay rack. These come free with our Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutches, and are securely attached to the back panel of the hutch for easy access. Alternatively, you can purchase them from most good pet shops.

Hay rack
A hay rack is a useful addition to your pets' home

Another idea is a salt lick, or a wooden chew. Guinea pigs love interesting things to taste and mouth, and so you can get salt wheels that attach to your guinea pig’s hutch and run. You can also buy (or collect) wooden chew toys that give your guinea pigs something to wear their teeth down with. Be careful which wood you supply your guinea pigs with, as some woods are poisonous to them. A chunk of willow is a good, safe option that your pet will enjoy.

If you want some ideas for accessories for your pets to enjoy when they’re out in their run, have a look at our Guinea Pig Run Accessories section for more options.

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