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Guinea Pig Run Accessories

Your guinea pigs will love being out in their run, particularly when it’s warm outside. Many owners choose to provide enrichment for their pets, as well as investing in a guinea pig run cover to protect from the elements.

Guinea pigs really enjoy tunnels - you can make simple ones with newspaper, or purchase one of the specially made chew tunnels from our website. In the wild, guinea pigs used to live in other animals’ burrows and made tunnels out of grass, so they like being able to satisfy this instinct by resting, eating or napping in one.

You can get some great accessories for your guinea pigs' run

Although a little basic, guinea pigs enjoy being able to bask on a brick placed in the centre of their run. As bricks get a little warm in the sunshine, many guinea pigs will jump up onto it for an afternoon nap. Others will use it for exercise, and spend a good deal of time jumping up onto it and back onto the floor again. Of course guinea pigs all have their own likes and dislikes, so you may find that your particular pets have little interest in it.

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