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Guinea Pig Runs

Whether your guinea pig is kept in or out of doors, they’ll need a space in which they can stretch their legs and run around with each other. By far the easiest solution to this is to purchase a guinea pig hutch and run combination, but you can also buy a hutch and a run separately and transfer your guinea pigs between them each morning and evening.

Guinea pigs enjoying their run

If you do decide to put guinea pigs out in a detached run, it’s important that they come back to their nice warm hutch in the evening or if it’s raining. They’ll also need all of their food, water and hay out with them, as well as a place to hide and shelter from the sun. As always, be sure to give the run area a thorough check over to make sure there’s nothing poisonous to guinea pigs, or any sharp objects that they could cut their feet on.

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