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Vincent, 1 May 2020

love it helps me a lot

Denise, 19 January 2020

Ice Berg lettuce has absolutely no nutritional content and that is why it is not recommended for animals.

Janieeeeeeeeee, 2 January 2020

This is such a big help to me because my new guinea pigs (Gizmo and Boomer) are a little spoiled but this will help them be more healthy, thank you very much for the help. Sincerely, Janieeeeeeeeee

Mommytokinsi, 5 December 2019

I had guinea pigs when I was younger. We had a book that said it was ok to feed them tomatoes, but then one died after only 4 days. He was the male and "hogged" the food from the females which is why they affected him more. We later found out tomatoes were not safe for guinea pigs. I think you should take them off your 'in moderation' list as they shouldn't be fed them at all.

Sherri, 16 October 2019

Thank you for this site! I'm looking for different things to feed my Guinea pig.

Clark, 14 September 2019

A neighbor let 2 female guimea pigs out in his yard when they were moving. They live in a big cluster of low green bushes surrounded by lots of green grass. There is a good amount of shade and rain. I've been watching them daily for two months and started taking them food according. to your lists. They look very healthy. Do you know how long they can live outdoor?

Savi, 22 July 2019

Yes guinea pigs can eat iceberg lettuce but mine dont seem to like it as much as romaine lettuce

Bonnie, 20 July 2019

Is it a good plan to neuter males. Will it help with social activities with female pigs

Eddaphine, 8 July 2019

Can the piggy’s eat iceberg lettuce? Some websites says it is harmful then some say it is not so can some one tell me the truth

Abrianna, 3 July 2019

I just got 3 new guinea pigs i have been giving them spinach everyday in larger quantities is that bad for them?

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