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Mongrel Dogs - Mutts!

Unfortunately, the word “Mongrel” sounds far too negative to describe this beautiful and diverse group of dogs. Mongrels or mutts can be a perfect choice for any family… the only tricky bit is knowing what temperament clues to look out for when you are choosing a mongrel breed of dog.

A mongrel dog
A mongrel dog

A mongrel dog is a dog that is not definable by type or breed. They are a result of generations of crossbreeding different dog breeds and their heritage is unknown. Mongrel dogs are much more genetically diverse as they have not been selectively bred for specific traits. Traditionally mongrels were not allowed to be shown, however in recent years dog shows such as crufts have introduced mongrel categories.

Advantages Of Mongrel Dogs

The unpredictable nature of knowing what your mongrel dog will look like means you will have a unique, one of a kind, limited edition dog. Furthermore, mongrel dogs don’t come with the high price tags like pedigree dogs do, so you may save some pounds with this choice.

A mongrel dog running on the beach
A mongrel dog running on the beach

Due to the randomness of their breeding, mongrel dogs are less prone to many more inherited diseases than the average purebred dog. This could mean fewer vets bills to pay. They also tend to live longer than pedigree breeds, meaning you could have your loving dog around for a while longer.

Disadvantages Of Mongrel Dogs

Because mongrel dogs are of unknown descent it can mean that behavioural traits are not predictable. If you have children it may be a better idea to get a breed of dog with a known temperament.

Two mongrel dogs with temperaments that are difficult to predict
Two mongrel dogs with temperaments that are difficult to predict

The size and appearance of a mongrel dog is also not predictable, so if you don’t have the space for a large dog, a mongrel may not be the right choice for you as you have no way of knowing how big it will grow. However, the size of a mongrel puppy’s feet can be used to predict the size. The larger the puppy’s feet when compared to its body the larger the puppy will be. By the age of four months, a dog should be about two thirds of its final adult size.

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