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Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

Giant Chinchilla rabbit stonding on its hind legs Guapo a giant chinchilla buck

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Giant Chinchilla History

This breed originated in America when the Giant Flemish was crossed with a oversized Chinchilla (that had been imported in 1919). The result was a larger variation of the Chinchilla breed. The Giant Chinchilla was developed to produce a breed that was more profitable for meat and its pelt. A Giant Chinchilla named the ‘million dollar princess’ was shown in 1922. After the decline in rabbit meat and fur trade the Giant Chinchilla became rare. These days they are usually bred for showing but are still judged on their meat-producing qualities.

Giant Chinchilla Behaviour

Giant Chinchillas are docile, calm and friendly. They are ideal for children as they are calm but are also known to be playful.

Giant Chinchilla Varieties

This breed has an Agouti coat which looks similar to a chinchilla, hence the name.

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I have dwarfs. I have on ground large rabbit run.20 ft lng 8 foot wide 2 houses i convered patio feed area.want to buy 1 pair or two doe one buck

My rabbit is very friendly, smart and tame. She is litter trained and gets along well with my cats. She has free run of my house. - Tara,

I would definitely recommend this breed for any one to own. I cannot comment on the meat as she is my pet.