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German Lop Rabbits

German Lop History

In the 1960’s, German rabbit breed enthusiasts decided to develop a medium sized lop eared rabbit that would compliment the English, French and Dwarf varieties. The result was the stocky, short legged German Lop with it’s cuddly appearance and distinctive hooked nose.

German fanciers worked hard to develop a standard for the German Lop in the UK, and it was eventually recognised by the British Rabbit Council in the 1990’s.

Much to everyone’s surprise a white German Lop (bred in the UK) won best in show at the 1998 London Championship show. The breed is now a consistent winner, and a very popular pet in the UK.

German Lops should weigh between 6.4 and 8.6 pounds (2.9 - 3.9kg). They should be very large and muscular, and appear round and stocky. They should also have a rounded head with a hooked nose, short front legs, hind legs than lie parallel to their rump and feet that do not stick out when it is at rest.

German Lop Behaviour

The German Lop can be both a great pet and a wonderful show rabbit. Its manageable size and calm nature is what makes it such a perfect pet, along with its willingness to play.

One thing to think about is learning how to hold a German Lop, because they can get nervous when handled and have been known to struggle when they feel unsafe.

German Lop Varieties

Rabbit grey, blue / grey, steel / grey, chinchilla.

German Lop Status


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