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Rhinelander Rabbits

Rhinelander History

The Rhinelander breed was developed in the early 20th century by a postman and rabbit enthusiast called Josef Heintz. The breed hails from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

The Rhinelander is famous for its black and orange butterfly markings on the face.

This breed is the result of the crossing of a doe of unknown breed with a grey Harlequin buck. One female in the resulting litter had the famous markings. A second doe was produced from a mating between a Harlequin buck and a checkered doe. These two females were then mated with Harlequin bucks to produce the Rhinelander rabbits we know today. The breed standard was created in 1905, and by 1924 Rhinelander rabbits were being exported to Holland and the UK. The average weight of the Rhinelander is 2.7-4.5kg.

Rhinelander Behaviour

This is an intelligent, friendly, and calm rabbit. They have an inquisitive nature and will get on well with other family pets.

Rhinelander Status


Rhinelander Pictures

Rabbit on bed
Fave photo of Athena

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