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Klein Lotharinger Rabbits

Klein Lotharinger History

This rabbit is a smaller version of the Giant Papillon, and is often refered to as the Dutch Papillon. The breed was developed by J.M.K. Bergman from The Netherlands in 1975. The breed was created by crossing Netherlands Dwarfs with Giant Papillons. The aim of this breed was to develop a smaller Giant Papillon. This rabbit is known as the English Papillon in the UK and American Checkered in America.

Klein Lotharinger rabbits have very distinct markings. They have a coloured stripe along their back, markings on their sides which are usually round circles that are clearly separated. On their face they have a butterfly shaped mark on their noses and coloured ears.

Klein Lotharingers should weighs around 3kg.

Klein Lotharinger Behaviour

The Klein Lotharinger is a lively, but friendly and sweet natured breed. They are suitable as family pets, but are more commonly kept by rabbit breeders and enthusiasts.

Klein Lotharinger Varieties

Black, blue, brown, grey, steel grey, blue dun.

Klein Lotharinger Status


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