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Himalayan Rabbits

The wonderful black and white fur of a Himalayan rabbit The incredible black and white fur pattern of a Himalayan rabbit

Himalayan History

To this day the exact origins of the Himalayan rabbit are unknown. This breed is an old breed which is perhaps why we don’t really know where it came from. Some people state that this rabbit could be found in China and Russia hundreds of years ago. However it is thought that the Himalayan breed we see today came from Britain. Exactly how these bunnies got to Britain is perhaps a mystery. Some sources suggest that English adventurers brought them back from the Himalayas. Once they arrived In the UK they were bred from the mid 19th century under the Himalayan name and they are still a very popular breed today.

This rabbit has distinct markings. They have a dark nose, feet, tail, and ears. They are of a slender build and weigh between 2.5 and 3kg.

Himalayan Behaviour

They usually have black markings, but can have blue, brown, and lilac markings.

Himalayan Varieties

Himalayans are a very calm and friendly breed. They make an ideal pet as they enjoy affection from their owner.

Himalayan Status


Himalayan Pictures

Himalayan rabbits 1 month old

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