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Satin Rabbits

Satin rabbit against a white background Satin rabbit from behind showing shiny coat Side view of a Satin rabbit against a white background

Satin History

The history of the Satin rabbits starts in Kentucky, America 1932. A litter of Havana rabbits were born with a striking satin shine to their coats. It was american breeder Walter Huey who owned the rabbits and caused quite a stir when he showed them to the public in Louisville.

Fur trade interest in the Satin fur was limited but another breeder by the name of Price wanted to cross the rabbits with New Zealand Whites in an attempt to improve the fur quality and meat yield. Ivory coloured Satins appeared in 1938 but there was still little improvement in meat or fur so the Satins remained a pet breed.

In 1947 the Satin was exported out of the USA and British breeders were quick to develop a range of colours by crossing the Satins with Rex breeds.

Satin Behaviour

Satins are generally calm and gentle rabbits who make fantastic pets for everyone. Most are kept by rabbit enthusiasts and breeders and the public rarely see them.

Satin Varieties

Ivory, Blue, Black, Brown, Lilac, Castor, Cinnamon, Lynx.

Satin Status


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