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Hulstlander Rabbits

Hulstlander History

The Hulstlander is a Dutch breed named after the district in the Netherlands that it originates. A breeder named J. de Graff is credited with the creation of the Hulstlander in the 1980s. De Graff created the Hulstlander by crossing Vienna Whites and blue eyed Polish rabbits. The breed gained recognition in the Netherlands in 1984 and has since been accepted by the British Rabbit Council (BRC), although the breed is rarely seen outside of the Netherlands.

Hulstlander Behaviour

The Hulstlander is not considered the best pet for families with small children. They have a tendency to be a bit nippy and skittish.

Hulstlander Varieties

Hulstlanders only come in white with blue eyes.

Hulstlander Status


Hulstlander Pictures

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