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Fabulous pet - Grace,

I have a black Dutch rabbit called Oscar Van Der Hopp. He loves our two dogs (Labradors) and has no fear of them whatsoever. They are very patient with him when he hops onto them and uses them as a slide! He is supremely friendly with everyone he meets and is incredibly easy to look after. He is four years old now and showing no signs of slowing down!

They are the best - An Omleteer,

I used to own a Dutch rabbit called Bugsy and he was the best rabbit i have ever owned they rock! He used to snuggle up to your neck and never bit me!

Got small pet for any child - Robyn,

Lovely pet,and snuggles up in your neck when you hold him.

Excellent pet - Emma,

We have a beige & white dutch called Bobby, he has lots of character, happy, he loves being around the family also he lets the cats know whose garden it is!! He really is adorable and loves to play.

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