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Sweet Little Bunnies - Jill,

Holland Lops are gentle and lovable. They do crazy jumps at times and love to play. If taken care of, they will live between 2-8 years of age. Do not give them alfalfa hay. Give them Timothy Hay. They get only 1/4 cup of pellets. Make sure they have fresh water. Do not feed them most of the store "treats" as they are not good for them. A 1" piece of banana and they'll love you forever! Blueberries, strawberries or the strawberry tops, lettuce (not iceberg) are also great treats. This is why they aren't garden friendly. Oh, and they love dandelions! They shed and should be combed to keep them from eating too much hair and ending up with gastritis, which can kill them. Lops do like company, but make sure it's 2 females or 2 males or you'll have many, many, many bunnies!