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Appenzeller Barthuhner Chickens

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Appenzeller Barthuhner History

The Appenzeller Barthuhner chicken literally means the 'bearded chicken' and was first developed in the province of Appenzell in Switzerland. The beard gives them an unusual appearance. They first appeared in the 1860's bred by Lord Züst to be hardy in the cold Alpine winters. He developed a large breed with good egg laying capabilities, with little additional feeding. Their small wattles and rose comb gives them good protection from frost bite and the beard covers their throats and wattles to act as extra insulation against cold bitter winters.

Appenzeller Barthuhner Behaviour

Barthunher's are sturdy, calm birds and very good foragers. They love nothing better than rootling under bushes and in compost bins, looking for tasty bugs to eat. Over feeding can lead to overweight birds, so if they have access to free ranging, it is best to watch their food intake. You will need to provide layers feed, but they will supplement their diet with slugs/snails in your garden. They are relatively docile, tameable and friendly towards humans, which makes them good as pets. They cope very well with colder climates and aren't prone to broodiness, so are very good for laying. The hens usually lay 3-4 large white eggs per week and weigh around 3.5 pounds when fully grown. The cocks weigh 4.5 pounds and can be quite aggressive towards other males, so best to only keep one male per group of birds if you wish to breed from them. They are best suited to free ranging to allow for their love of foraging, but will cope well in a very large run provided they have suitable litter to scratch around in, branches to perch on and distractions in the run. Throwing a handful of corn into the run will keep them occupied and prevent boredom.

Appenzeller Barthuhner Varieties

Partridge, black, black-red

Appenzeller Barthuhner Status


Appenzeller Barthuhner Pictures

two young chicks walking in hay

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