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The Plymouth Rock is considered to be a heavy breed and originated in the United States taking their name from the town of Plymouth. The breed was recognised as early as 1874 under the name Barred Plymouth Rock which describes the markings they had. They are large, long lived chickens and the hens have a deep, full abdomen which is a sign of a good layer. They have a broad, deep and well-rounded breast and bright yellow legs. The face is red with red ear lobes, a bright yellow beak, bay coloured eyes and a single medium sized comb.


They are friendly birds which are easy to tame and are vigorous and hardy birds which don't need a lot of space but do appreciate the chance to run free, They are not good fliers so do not require high fencing. They lay a good number of cream coloured eggs averaging around 200 per year. Plymouth Rocks do tend towards broodiness though so regular egg collecting is important to avoid too much of this. Chicks feather up quickly and make wonderful pets for children due to their docile nature.


There are several varieties of Plymouth Rock, the barred, white and buff being the classic ones. Other colours include multiple pencilled or triple laced, pencilled partridge, multiple pencilled silver partridge, Columbian, buff Columbian and blue laced.

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The Plymouth Rock - Mason,

I really love the Plymouth Rock breed it is my favorite chicken ever. I really like the barred pattern on the feathers. These chickens are also very exceptional egg layers. They are very social to mine will just eat out of my hand. I really like the Plymouth Rock.

- Brandon,

An excellent layer and an excellent meat breed

My best egg and a magnificent bird - Caroline,

I have a variety of different breeds, but my barred Plymouth rock lays by far and away the best egg. It is not only beautiful to look at - a delicate pink - but also tastes far richer and is deeper yellow than all my other eggs, athough she has the same range. She is big and so smart with her black and white stripes and shining feathers, and is probably my best-natured with all the other birds. She is quite talkative with a gentle voice and is a lovely placid, easy going bird. Definitely one of my favourites.

what a plesent bird - Joe,

a good layer and a all round nice bird I would recommend this to everybody how want chicken's.

Rooster attacked me - Amy,

The hens are great layers, I love their yellow eggs! Big downside: our Barred Rock rooster attacked me when I was 3. Before I got away, he pecked me more than 80 times on my head and neck, especially around my eyes, and he broke my nose. We found out later that the males can be quite defensive and territorial, so since then we only have the hens. I rated the friendliness as poor, but because the disparity in friendliness between the male and female is great, no rating would be true of the other sex. If you have small children with shiny, bright eyes, you don't want the male Barred Rock around.

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