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Ohiki Chickens

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Ohiki History

The Ohiki is a true bantam as it has no larger counterpart. It originates from Japan, where it was developed as an ornamental breed. It is classed as a long tail bantam. It is best known for it's very short, olive/willow green legs and incredibly long tail feathers. It also has very long saddle feathers which hang down the body and a single comb with white earlobes.

Ohiki Behaviour

Ohiki are incredibly easy to handle, being very calm and placid. A small flock running across a garden is a joy to behold. They are comical little bantams and due to their short legs, tend not to do too much damage to a lawn. They are friendly towards humans and each other and cope well with confinement, however free ranging is a must to enjoy these little bantams. They aren't the most active of breeds, so care should be taken to prevent extra weight piling on. Hens make wonderful mothers and go broody quite easily. They are very dedicated to their hatch and very protective for the first few weeks. Hens don't lay well, but will lay around 60 light brown eggs per year. Chicks are small and susceptible to illness if not kept warm for the first couple of weeks, so timing for breeding should be planned in advance to avoid the cooler months. Once fully grown, the breed is quite cold hardy. Due to their feathering, a fully covered run is advisable during the Autumn/Winter months to prevent tail feathers becoming matted. The tail feathers of males especially can reach up to 100cm long! A higher perch is best to allow the tail to hang properly.

Cocks weigh around 950g and hens 750g

Ohiki Varieties

Red/White hackled, Black, Red, Duckwing, Silver Duckwing and in the U.S - Gingers.

Ohiki Status

Fairly common

Ohiki Pictures

a rooster with yellow red and black feathers sat in a garden
My silver ohiki

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- Michael,

I love my Ohicki. I have 1 roo and 5 hens. Also have nine chicks. 4 pullets and two roos and 3 too young to tell yet.

great birds tiny package - Lauren,

they are a short green legged breed that does not have the creeper gene they should have a soft tail rather than hard broad feathers they should not have feather shanks and should have white earlobes. the bodies are round. can have pea and single comb in the US. the ohiki lays white eggs the size you would find in a store and requires perches and a fully enclosed coop as they do fly rather high. I have kept multiple roosters together without incident as well as chicks. the breed also in the US comes in more colours than mentioned. Brassy back, black breasted red , gold duckwing, silver ducking, recessive white, mottled, crele, fibro, red pyle, wheaten, black, millie.

Ohiki - Maureen,

I have these in red/black, silver and also white. Just love them.