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Wybar Chickens

Wybar chicken in a coop Wybar chicken resting in coop

Wybar History

The Wybar was created in the 1950's by Mr A Foden from Hadleigh in Essex, UK and was developed as an exhibition, meat and laying bird. The breed was created by crossing a Barred Plymouth Rock with a silver laced Wyandotte to produce an auto sexing breed; meaning that the sex of the offspring could be determined by their colour as chicks. They were later crossed again with Sussex to increase egg laying capabilities. A miniature version was later created and is quite popular these days.

Wybar Behaviour

The Wybar is a sturdy bird, with soft feathering, classed as a heavy breed and copes very well in colder climates. They thoroughly enjoy free ranging and are very competent scratchers, who like nothing better than digging an area over and looking for bugs. An excellent vegetable garden/allotment helper - they will find every slug. They are a calm breed with a lovely docile nature, well suited to a mixed flock. They rarely cause any trouble as they are so easy going. Wybars can cope with confinement as long as the area is large enough and are friendly towards their owners, quickly becoming tame. The miniature variety are a good choice for children, as they are smaller and just as friendly. Hens lay around 200 eggs per year and make good mothers. Due to their size, they aren't good flyers, so fencing need not be too high.

The cocks are said to be friendly too, have a quieter crow than other breeds and weigh around 7-9 pounds. Hens weigh 5.5-7 pounds.

Wybar Varieties

Silver and Gold (gold is very rare).

Wybar Status


Wybar Pictures

Silver bantam wybar female at chartley chucks

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