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Fraienkoeppe Twentse Chickens


The Fraienkoeppe (in German) or Twentse (in Dutch) originates from the borders of The Netherlands and Germany. It is said to be a cross between the Leghorn and the Malay and was originally developed for use as a good layer and later as a show bird. They have yellow skin and a small walnut comb. Kraienkoppe have a rather fierce look and have some inherited temperament from the Malay, although generally they are good natured. They were bred to be very hardy birds and resistant to disease and manage to live quite well on minimum supplementary food, plus what they find for themselves. They are well adapted to the cold. The young do take some looking after when first hatched if not using a broody hen.


The breed is a very active and a good forager, best suited to free ranging. They are excellent at finding insects, slugs and snails, so well suited to a garden/vegetable plot setting as long as fences are in place to stop them wandering where they aren't wanted! They are quite independent and not very friendly towards humans, as a result they are on constant alert. They can become quite tame if raised from chicks. Males tend not to fight with each other, but this does depend on the individual personalities. Hens lay white tinted eggs and can lay as many as 200 eggs per year. They make very good mothers and are protective of their young, so if you wanted to breed their chickens it shouldn't be too difficult, as the hens do all of the work.

Cocks weigh around 6 pounds with hens much lighter at 4 pounds.


Silver, Black breasted Red.

A miniature version is also available.



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