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The Ko Shamo is a breed from Japan and is used in cock fighting, where it is still legal (Japan). They are very strong, muscular, upright birds with sparse plumage. It is classed as a true bantam as there is no larger counterpart and the most popular of all game birds. It is the smallest of the 7 breeds in the Shamo Family. It has a short, thick beak, clean legs and a rose/walnut or chrysanthemum comb. They have unusual red skin which is often shown at the keel due to their sparse plumage.


The Ko Shamo is an intelligent and active breed of chicken that is best suited to free ranging. It is said that they do not cope well with confinement, so best kept in a very large run with access to the outside to prevent boredom. The hens lay small white eggs 2-3 times a week during the spring/Summer and do sometimes go broody. Due to their size, lack of plumage and clumsiness, they can often break the eggs when sitting. An incubator or using a broody hen of another breed would be best if you would like to breed this chicken. They are described as very cheeky, hardy and if given enough space to roam and sufficient protection from the elements, they do well in the back garden and are an unusual addition to a flock. Males do fight as that is what they were bred for. They are very aggressive when they do fight, so it is not recommended to keep more that one male. If you would like to breed these chickens, then at least 4-5 hens is best per cockerel to prevent too much attention with one hen. Males are generally not aggressive towards humans and can become very tame.

The cocks weigh up to 2 pounds, with the hens around 1.5 pounds.


Duckwing, Black, White, Blue, Ginger, Splash Spangled, Cuckoo, Black/Red, Partridge.


Fairly common

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fantastic birds. - Nick,

ko shamo are an ornamental breed that have originated and been developed by the japanese, they are birds of which height has no limit but have 3 equal parts, they however have an ideal weight of about 1kg they are an ideal keeper when space is limited as they do very well, Make no mistake they are not related to the bigger o shamo they are their own breed and should not be called bantams, there is no history of these birds ever being used in the pit and have only been breed towards the show pen, but they should posess the look of a fighter and be strong and fierce and have a very confident manor.these make perfect pets and their character will stand them out from other breeds, the downside is that quality birds in the uk are very hard to come by.

- Nicnut,

Ko shamo are a small japanese breed, they are no relation to the larger o shamo. Ko shamo are an ornamental breed only and have never been used for cock fighting, they do well in small pens and as space is a premium in japan these birds fit the bill. they are no more aggressive than your average yard bantam and can often be kept together. Very hard to find quality birds in the uk they come in all the game colours but should always be selected for type over colour.

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