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Kulang Chickens

Kulang History

The Kulang originates from India and Pakistan and has a firm large, well muscled body. It was bred for use in cock fighting and has been for hundreds of years. It is still used today in countries where it is still legal. The males are aggressive and full of attitude, making them ideal for use in this activity. Chicks can fight when they are just a few weeks old so might need to be separated at an early age.

Kulang Behaviour

These are large, powerful birds and even the hens can fight with each other. Towards humans they are very friendly and like human contact, in fact they actively seek it. Kulangs are very trusting and tame, forming a strong bond with their keepers. The hens are not good layers, only producing around 40 white/tinted eggs per year. They do make very good brooders though and are very good mothers when the chicks hatch. They need space to free range, as confinement can bring out the aggressive tendencies. Kulangs were bred to fight and that is what they are best at. Not recommended to be kept in a mixed flock, as that could be asking for trouble.

Cocks weigh up to 8 pounds with hens around 5 1/2 pounds.

Kulang Varieties

Wheaten (black/red is the most common) Speckled, Blue, Grey, Dark red and Black.

A miniature variety is also available.

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Kulang Pictures

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