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Plymouth Rock Bantam Chickens

bantam white female bantam white male

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Plymouth Rock Bantam History

The Plymouth Rock Bantam is a miniature version of the Plymouth Rock and has been bred from various different breeders in several countries. The first Plymouth Rock Bantams were exhibited in Germany, Britain and the USA in the early 1900s. It is a rather large bantam with a long body, short tail, deep, well-rounded breast and yellow legs. They have a medium sized single comb with large reddish brown eyes.

Plymouth Rock Bantam Behaviour

The Plymouth Rock Bantam is a strong, early laying breed which can produce a large number of eggs without suffering from broodiness. The eggs are light cream. The Plymouth Rock Bantam is not a flier so they don\'t need particularly high fencing to keep them contained. They are friendly birds which are easily tamed. The chicks are fast growers and a cockerel can weigh in at around 3lbs.

Plymouth Rock Bantam Varieties

Black, white, buff, Columbian, buff Columbian, multiple pencilled partridge (triple laced) multiple pencilled silver partridge, barred, red barred, blue laced and red porcelain. Barred being the most popular colour.

Plymouth Rock Bantam Pictures

2-3 tear old cockral
She is one very Good layer
My gang!
A flock of plymouth chickens.
A pretty bantam plymouth chicken.
Plymouth Rock Bantam Chicken sitting next to fence
Plymouth Rock Bantam Chickens in run
Chicken in cage
Chicken posing in cage
Chicken posing
White Rock Hen standing on tree stump
Buffrock pullets posing for camera
Chicken with chicks in garden
Buffrock Male

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Latest Reviews For Plymouth Rock Bantam (5 of 15)

Chickens - Calvin,

I cannot review anything I can't get. How do you purchase chickens on this site? I can read all about a breed and read reviews about the breed but NO where is there a place to click on to order any!

Omlet Says: Hi there! I'm afraid we don't sell any live poultry. The breeds are only on our website so our customers have somewhere they can access more information about the specific breed they are planning on purchasing and discuss with other keepers.

Awesome Bantam Breed - Michael,

Plymouth Rock bantams are aqesome layers for people who dont have the space or budget for large fowl layers. I absolutely love the breed

- Jordan,

very good layer

Very easy and friendly - Lucy,

This was the first breed I had and have always found them easy, healthy and pretty good layers. They have coped with our overgrown garden and apart from being a little fussy in their diet, (won't eat kitchen left overs much) they have been a delight. Highly recommended. I want some more but no one seems to be breeding them now.

- Abe,