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Spanish Chickens

Spanish chicken against a white background Two Spanish chickens against a white background Spanish chicken in a coop run

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Spanish History

The Spanish is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated chicken. It's distinctive white face is easily recognised and it is prized as a show bird in poultry shows. It's exact origin is unknown, but it is unlikely to have come from Spain. Spanish chickens have glossy plumage and chalk white, over developed, low hanging ear lobes and a single red comb. They were originally bred for egg laying, and have the nick name 'the Clown Chicken'!

Spanish Behaviour

The Spanish is said to be a wild and active breed but it does tolerate confinement well. They are not winter hardy, so a run area must be well protected from the elements for this breed to flourish. Due to breeders concentrating their efforts into producing the whitest face, the hardiness of the breed has been lost. They are a curious breed and enjoy free ranging, but can be noisy at times. They are very slow to mature, with the distinctive white face becoming more apparent after the first annual moult. Hens lay very large chalk white eggs, and lots of them. From a pure breed, you can expect 180+ eggs per year which is pretty good going. They make a great addition to a back garden flock.

Cocks weigh around 8 pounds, with hens lighter at 6.5 pounds.

Spanish Varieties

Black, Blue (lavender), and very rarely white.

A miniature version is also available and more popular.

Spanish Status

Fairly common

Spanish Pictures

a large black chicken and a small black chicken on grass
Chicken in garden

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I love the unusual. - Sinead, Northamptonshire,

I have been breeding and showing Spanish bantams for a couple of years. I am disappointed that they are becoming rare and not many fanciers are keeping and breeding these birds. Their glossy black feathers with contrasting white faces make for a stunning bird. They are great layers but rather flighty and difficult to hand tame.