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The Cream Legbar is a crested chicken which is a true autosexing breed which means that you can tell the sex of the chicks by the colour of the feathers. It is an old pure breed which originated in the 1930s as a cross between Brown Leghorns and Barred Rock with some Araucana blood in them. They are very firm, muscular birds with a wedge shaped body which is broad at the shoulders and tapers towards the rear. The wings are large carried close to the body and the back is long and flat while the tail is held at 45° to the back. The head has a strong beak and large single erect comb with five to seven even spikes. They have a crest which lies at the back of the head behind the comb which is small in the male and larger in the female. The face is smooth with pendant cream or white ear-lobes, long thin wattles and the neck is long and well feathered. They have a yellow beak, red face, comb and wattles. The yellow legs and feet are strong and unfeathered with four evenly spaced toes.


The male weighs in at 6-7½ lb and the female is around 4½-6lb.


The male has cream barred neck hackles and the saddle hackles are cream barred with dark grey and have cream tips. The back and the shoulders are mostly cream barred with dark grey. The wings have dark grey barred primaries and secondaries with cream tips. The breast and tail are barred dark grey and the crest is cream and grey. The female has softly barred cream neck hackles. The breast is almost salmon coloured while the body is silver-grey with broad barring. The wings are speckled with grey and the tail is silvery grey with light barring.


Fairly common

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Cream Legbar crested, blue egg layer

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Love these :) - Helen, Shropshire,

Really pretty birds and never aggressive. Good with children. Medium to small and always active. Ours lay all year round even in the winter!

Our Cream legbar - Alysha,

we hatched one out of our first hatch we ever did. She went broody and had a successful hatch. When her babies had grown up, she started trying to make cockerel noises. We never found out what her problem was but she was sold fairly quick!

Good utility birds with plenty of charachter. - Owain, Monmouthshire,

These are really nice birds. They lay a decent number of blue eggs each year, and look great. They can be a little flighty so are not the best chickens if you want to cuddle something. It is important that you go for legbars which meet the standards, they sould have cream not gold neck hackles and the legs should be yellow.

je trouve cette poule original et j aime - Coco,

A harry blue egg layer with lots of charachter. - Owain,