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Araucana Chickens

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Arauncana chickens originate from South America and are named after the Arauca Indians of Chile. They were introduced to Europe in the early 1900s although they have been heard of since the mid-sixteenth century. They originally had large floppy pea combs but these have been bred so that they now only have a very small irregularly shaped pea comb. They do not have wattles and the facial feathers are thick with a small crest on the head. The blue green egg is coloured throughout the shell so the inside is as blue as the outside but the hens only really lay during the spring and summer months. Blue and green eggs are most common although colour can range from a greyish or violet blue to a turquoise or greenish blue. Khaki and olive can suggest that the hens have been crossed with other breeds. The breed can be born with or without a tail, those without are known as Rumpless Araucanas. They are short, rounded birds with an upright stance and a broad skull. They have an unusual wart-like feature on either side of their heads called plicae where the earlobes are usually seen. These have feathers on them which make up ear tufts which slat backwards.


Araucana chicks are strong, fast growers and mature quickly. They do tend towards broodiness and make excellent mothers. They don't mind being kept in a pen but like fresh grass so the coop or ark will need moving on regularly.


They are placid birds and are vigorous and hardy. The blue green eggs are reportedly lower in cholesterol than other eggs which make them healthier although there is no specific evidence to back this up.



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This wonderful breed I have kept fo 50 years without cross breeding for 50 years - Karen, Kent,

Given to my disabled son , now 58, living at The Rare Breed Centre Wood church Kent who have been solely for his blue eggs please visit , they have given him a life. KY

- An Omleteer,

I have two ameraucanas, both skittish but fairly friendly. Just thought I'd mention these are all technically ameraucanas. True araucanas don't have the long and feathered tail:)

Araucana search? - Sandra,

Where are you guy's getting your araucana's from please? I tried the Araucana club of Great Britain and the emails just keep being returned as no address! I can't find a breeder. I'm looking for Black and or Silver duckwings.

Best kept in a enclosure - Gemma,

I freerange all my birds and whilst the araucana are friendly wee things they dont have much in brains or common sense and if a fox does visit it will not have the sense to escape to safety. Perfect for small garden setups or living in a coop but not a bird for a smallholding

Friendliest and sweetest of any breed - Lori,

I have had Araucana's for the last 12 yrs. I adore them. Super friendly, will come when called, talkative and nosy. Excellent egg layers. Starts in March and lays right up til November. Not broody. Very smart. This is the only breed for me.

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