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American Wirehair Cats

American wirehair cat with a yellow collar sitting on a patiof American wirehair cat with striking amber eyes Alert American wirehair cat with a blue and red collar outside American wirehair cat lying on a tilled roof American wirehair cat with a red collar sitting neatly on a wall


The American Wirehair cat originates from a small farm in Verona, New York. From a litter of six kittens, one red and white male kitten was born with a springy wire coat and whiskers. Both parents of the litter were domestic shorthairs with normal coats, making the wiry kitten very unique amongst its siblings. The kitten was purchased by a friend, who bred this unusual kitten with his neighbour’s cat (who incidentally was acquired from the same farm). The result was a litter of wiry coated kittens.

The gene that caused the wiry fur was proven to be dominant when one of the cats was paired with an unrelated cat with a normal coat. The result was yet more wiry coated kittens.

To clear confusion, the coat of the American Wirehair is not related to the Cornish Rex or the Devon Rex.


American Wirehair cats are very popular with families. They are extremely tolerant of children and considered pretty easy going. From kitten to wise old cat American Wirehairs are a great mix of calm and playful.

American Wirehair cats can be quite independent at times and their hunding drive can show, especially when they catch a glimpse of a small bird through the kitchen window.

Breed Details

  • Status: Common
  • Place of Origin: USA
  • Rough date of Origin: 1960s
  • Hair length: Medium
  • Activity Level: Medium
  • Vocalness: Low
  • Child friendly: Good with children
  • Intelligence:
  • Playfullness: Moderate
  • Grooming Requirements: Less than once per week
  • Weight: 2.5 - 7.0kg
  • Size: Large
  • House Cat or Outdoor Cat: House Cat
  • Pet Compatibility:
  • Social Needs:

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