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Japanese Bobtail Cats

Japanese Bobtail cat sitting against a white background A sweet Japanese Bobtail sitting A happy Japanes Bobtail cat showing off its tail A Japanese Bobtail cat lying down A Japanes Bobtail with its distinctive short tail


Both coat lengths of the Japanese Bobtail cat have been described and depicted in the historical writings and artwork of Japan for at least 1,000 years. A 15th century painting shows two longhaired bobtails with their coats parted down their backs and a feathery pom-pom for the tail.

The Japanese Bobtail arrived reached the USA in 1968 when breeder Judy Crawford was visiting Japan and sent some cats to another american breeder Elizabeth Freret. When Judy returned to the USA, she brought more of the cats with her and began work with Elizabeth Freret with the aim of getting the Japanese Bobtail breed recognition.

Even though both short haired and long haired Japanese Bobtails have been known to exist for centuries TICA did not recognise both types at the same time. The short haired Japanese Bobtail was recognised for competition in June 1979 and the long haired in March 1991.

Japanese Bobtails are rarely seen in the UK because they are not recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) which means they cannot be shown at GCCF shows.


Japanese Bobtails are active and playful. They are intelligent cats who love to explore and will certainly get up to some mischief if they don’t get enough attention. They are always up for a games of chase, hunt, climb and jump because they have heaps of energy.


Short and Long haired varieties.

Breed Details

  • Status: Rare
  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Rough date of Origin: 17th Century
  • Hair length: Shorthair
  • Activity Level: High
  • Vocalness: Medium
  • Child friendly: Good with children
  • Intelligence:
  • Playfullness: Playfull
  • Grooming Requirements: Less than once per week
  • Weight: 2.5 - 4.0kg
  • Size: Medium
  • House Cat or Outdoor Cat: House Cat
  • Pet Compatibility:
  • Social Needs:

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