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Dragon Li Cats


Also known as the Li Hua cat this breed is known as the chinese cat. The Dragon Li cat is thought to have naturally domesticated itself descending from the chinese mountain wildcat to the domestic cat we see today. This breed has probably existed for centuries, as there is mention of this breed in chinese folklore. However, it has only recently been purposely bred. It gained recognition as an experimental breed in 2003, and is still uncommon internationally.

This breed was first shown in Beijing in 2003. In 2010 the Cat Fanciers Association accepted the breed for showing.


The Dragon Li cat is known for its very playful and inquisitive nature. They enjoy greeting people at the door and will be interested in knowing what's happening in your house. This breed is friendly and loyal but they aren’t massively affectionate. This breed is not a lapcat, they prefer their human interactions to involve lots of play. The Dragon Li cat gets on well with other pets particularly dogs. This breed needs to have plenty of space to stretch its legs.


Brown mackerel tabby only

Breed Details

  • Status: Rare
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Rough date of Origin: 2000s
  • Hair length: Shorthair
  • Activity Level: High
  • Vocalness: Low
  • Child friendly: Not so good with children
  • Intelligence:
  • Playfullness: Playfull
  • Grooming Requirements: Once a week
  • Weight: 4.0 - 5.0kg
  • Size: Medium
  • House Cat or Outdoor Cat: Outdoor Cat
  • Pet Compatibility:
  • Social Needs:

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